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Gate Vavle

Product Detail

     Mud Gate Valve




    The union ends mud gate valve is mainly used for drilling mud circulating system in oil field. It is used to control the flowing and stopping of mud and is joined by trapezoid thread connection,  can be installed quickly and conveniently. The equipment has strong rigidity which is safe and reliable, The union ends mud gate valve seat and gate are sealed by means of parallel-type Metal to Metal Sealing, its sealing effect is good, and it is convenient for opening, Two ends of the valve and pipes are connected by spherical movement. The movable connection of the rubber seal ring like "O" is not of high requirement about straightness of the two ends of pipes, its seal performance is very good after installed.


    ●Manufactured and Tested in Accordance with API Spec 6A
    ● Forged Steel Body and Bonnet
    ● API 6A PSL 1, 2 and 3 available
    ●Valve seat and gate are sealed by Metal to Metal Sealing
    ●Low Operating Torque
    ● Quick Release Hand Wheel
    ● Factory Pressure Tested in Accordance with API.6A
    ● Can be supplied with Flanged End Connections, Hammer Union Ends, Threaded Connections or Butt Weld Ends
    ●Material Classes DD, EE, FF, to NACE MR-01-75
    ● Available with Pressure Ratings 3000psi, 5000psi and 10000psi in 2", 3", 4", 5" Valve Sizes



    FC Gate Valve



    (Interchangeable with Cameron Model FC Gate Valve)
    The FC gate valve features a non-rising stem with a slab gate, Full-Bore Thru-Conduit Design, Floating Slab Gate and Seats , floating seat ring body bushing design to provide safe dependable service. It is available in flanged or threaded ends in standard bore sizes from 1-13/16” thru 4-1/16” in working pressures of 5,000 psi thru 10,000 psi wp. Seat rings, body bushings, gate, stem are easily replaced in the field, Simple routine maintenance program limits repairs, eases operation, protects against corrosion, and extends service life.

    ● Manufactured and Tested in Accordance with API Spec 6A
    ● Forged Steel Body and Bonnet
    ● A True Bi-Directional Valve
    ● Low Operating Torque
    ● Quick Release Hand Wheel
    ● API Spec 6A PSL, 1, 2, 3
    ● Material Classes DD, EE, FF, to NACE MR-01-75

    Available from 5000 psi to 15,000 psi in all Full-Bore Sizes




    Slab Gate Vavle(non-rising stem&rising stem)1430188550959780.jpg

    The Non-rising stem slab gate valves manufactured by shuangxin petroleum machinery factory. are available in temperature classes L, P, R, S, T, and U specified in API 6A. Gate valves to be used in the 350¨H or 650¨H high temperature can be supplied on request. Gate valves manufactured by our company are available in 3000psi, 5000psi and 10000psi working pressure, nominal size from 1-13/16" through 4-1/16",material classes from AA through FF, product specification levels (PSL) from 1 through 3 and performance requirement (PR) 1.
    Manufactured and Tested in Accordance with API Spec 6A
    Simple structure and renewable gate and seat assembly.
    One-piece and double-acting gate with long service life.
    Both thrust bearings with large load capacity and composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing minimize operational torque.
    Bearing cap is provided with a grease cup to make it easy to inject lubricating grease in the field.1430188758866229.jpgThreaded packing gland allows removal of bearings and stem packing under line pressure.
    Both the bolted bonnet and modern bonnet seal ring provide simple structure and reliable sealing.
    The sealing surfaces of the gate and seat are hard-faced for wear and corrosion resistance.
    Wave springs are installed between the body and seat and between the gate and seat. The gate and seat still maintain a positive metal to metal seal under low pressure.
    Floating gate design requests the hand wheel to be backed off 1/4 turn after its rotation can go no further.
    Under pressure, the valve is forbidden to be semi-shrouded, for it will do great harm to the gate valve and great reduce the service life of the valve.










    Hydraulic Slab Gate Valve1430189053325922.jpg

    The hydraulic slab gate valves manufactured by our company adapt hydraulic control, used extensively in the automatic control system and remote control, work steadily and use freely. Main specifications and technical parameters.
    Nominal pressure: 3000psi 10000psi
    Nominal size: 1-13/16”- 4-1/16”
    Working temperature: P U
    PR1;PSL1,2,3; AA-FF;

    OP: 5000-15000psi


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