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Choke MAnifod&Manifold

Product Detail

    Kill Manifold  1429863317285386.jpgWhen the well head pressure going up, the drilling fluid can be pumped into well with the killing manifold in order to balance the well bottom pressure, to prevent well from kicking and blow-out; the blowout pipeline which connected to blowout directly can be used to release the well bottom pressure; to inject mud cementing operation by injecting water and extinguishing agent into the well head as well. It only can inject heavy fluid or other fluid into well by check valve, but the backflow and other operation. Killing manifold consists of check valve, gate valve, pressure gage, connection pipeline, etc. One of its ends is connected with BOP cross, the other end is connected with injection pump, both killing manifold and choke manifold are designed and mating used according to API 16C requirement.

    The grades of kill manifold made in our company as followings: 14MPa、21MPa、35MPa、70MPa、105MPa, etc.1429865763243645.jpg

    (1)The working pressure of all the pipelines, gate valves, check valves must be matched with the working pressure of the BOP assembly which it adopts.
           (2)Kill manifold cant be used as the common priming drilling fluid pipeline. 










    Chock manifold

    Killing manifold









    Main ND and bypass ND inmm

    3- 1/8×2 1/1680×52        4 1/16×2 9/16103×65                      4 1/16×3 1/16103×78

    W.P. psi(Mpa)

    300021    500035

    300021       1000070




    W.T. ℃(℉)


    Working medium


    Control type

    Double Wing structure manual throttle valve

    Double Wing structure manual throttle valve

    Three-way structure hydraulic/manual throttle valve

    Four-way double hydraulic/manual throttle valve

    Double-wing structure pneumatically controlled


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