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The UAE Continue to Increase Investment in Oil and Gas Fields

Time:2015-04-23 Click:1712

2015-05-18 09:21:03

ccording to local media reports, in order to achieve the goal of 2017 to produce 3.5 million barrels of crude oil per day , the united Arab emirates (UAE) continue to increase investment in oil and gas fields. The united Arab emirates plans to investing about $2010 m within 2010-2014 used for oil and gas field project, it is the country with the largest oil and gas field project in the gulf plan investment.

 According to MEED data, in the second quarter of this year, the UpperZakumfield  awarded the tender of united Arab emirates offshore development projects worth $3.7 billion, more than the EPC general contracting in the second quarter of the Middle East and north Africa 50% of contract sum of $6.7 billion.


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